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AC pipes Per Meter
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14 Jan 2021
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Specification of AC pipes Per Meter

Your difficulty in procurement of spare parts air conditioner, copper pipe Especially for ACSplit ... or refrigeration spare parts for home ac / splite we sell ac pipe
Pipe Copper or Copper Pipe / Tube available diameters ranging from 4 mm to 75 mm with a thickness of 0.7 mm to 2 mm. Copper Pipe Length 4 meters and there are some 5.8 meters.
Copper pipes can you order in pieces with a length to order
We as an agent distributor / supplier for the needy mejual service service car ac, ac office, as an example:
Whatever your AC brand of air conditioner models of Windows, Air Conditioning Split (wall mounted), AC Split AC window, split air conditioners (wall mounted), split air conditioners (multi), split air conditioning duct, cassette air conditioner, floor standing air conditioner etc. We are able to penagan fix it with the appropriate standard specification, manufacturer, we guarantee our services the most economical service ac
Our company has experienced in the disassembly AC All brands repair, maintenance, both large companies and housing.
Cool and clean air that is in need for health and comfort for all the good people in housing, offices and buildings - government buildings therefore Periodically air conditioning maintenance is highly recommended in order to get a healthy life with fresh air, therefore we also offers a service contract ac, and ac lease
In addition Serving Service air conditioning, air conditioning maintenance, installation and air conditioning sales, spare parts (spare parts) of various brands and types of air conditioning. Both for individuals, offices, companies, and government agencies.
Services Service AC We include: Split AC Service, AC Cassette, Water Chiller, Air conditioning Ceiling, and AC Central Serving Customers Individual, Corporate, Institutions and Government Agencies Replacement Parts (spare parts) AC Bolt-AC (Air Conditioning Relocation) Serve AC Service Contract Fill Refrigeration Freon various types of machine
Procedure Service AC
Our AC service includes cleaning them or indoor evaporator and condenser fancoil (outdoor), sewer cleaning (to prevent leaks) and ac overall examination.
Bolt-Service AC: Cleaning and checking Checking deodorising filter and air purifying filter (if any) Check and clean the evaporator coil (indoor) and condenser (outdoor) cleaning (vacuuming) Checking the condition of the sewer system air conditioning compressor AC Testing
AC Maintenance Advantages: Prevents damage to cleaner air and healthier Improving the efficiency of water leakage ac Troubleshooting Warranty: 1 month

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