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PPR Pipe Installation
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22 Jan 2021
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Ppr Pipe

Specification of PPR Pipe Installation

PPR Pipe Installation

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Westpex PPR is made of Polypropylene which is one of the world's finest PPR, this material is available in a precolored granules. Heat resistant is one of the advantages of this material, physical properties and chemical properties that are appropriate for the transfer of good drinking water cold or hot. Westpex PPR pipe is suitable for use as the pipe that requires high pressure Additionally also have resistance to heat hot water pipes for the needs, both in the Housing, hotels, Apartments, hospitals, etc.

The basic ingredients of Westpex Pipes PPR and PPR fittings Westpex is made from high quality raw material, Polypropylene Random Co-polymer Resin (PP type 3 raw materials). Physical properties and chemical properties of the system piping Westpex PPR, versatile in a variety of applications in different industry. The advantages of the above raw materials better than other types of PP type 1 and type 2 PP, also other thermoplastic pipes in the drinking water industry who require resistance to temperature and pressure.

Westpex PPR Pipe Excellence

Hygiene and food grade
To ensure the security of the pipeline and fittings for PPR Westpex usage relating to human contact and consumption with clean water. Westpex PPR produced and have been shown to pose no risk to health, meets international standards for drinking water transport

No Rusty
Without causing abrasion with water flow speed 7 m/s

Resistant To Chemical Substances
Westpex PPR piping systems are able to hang on to the flow of acid and base

Not noisy
Dibandingakan with metal pipe, PPR Westpex doesn't need any further insulation to lower the level of decibels when the water flow at relatively high speed. Because the metal is sending the sound as fast and hard, while the plastic dampen voices.

High Pressure Resistant
Westpex PPR has the material properties of the vines low heat so it can store heat longer

Westpex PPR pipe has the nature of a light material Polypropylene Random (PPR) type 3 pipes PPR westpex making it easier in terms of transportation and installation

The surface of the slick in the pipeline
Slick and smooth surface make the deposition of dirt on the pipe does not settles and head loss that occurs is smaller than that of the hot and cold water pipes.

Westpex PPR has material that can be recycled using the incinerator

Earthquake resistance
With the flexibility of the material of Polypropylene Random (PPR) type3

Fire classification
PPR pipes and fittings comply and in fire classification, B2 (normally inflammable) according to DIN 4102. In the case of an outbreak of fire temperature > 800 ⁰ C, in ideal conditions, with enough oxygen, only carbon dioxide and water vapour are produced as a raw material for Polypropylene Random Co-polymers are hydrocarbon chains. Toxic fumes or dioxin will not be emitted.


PPR pipe connection system

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