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Advantages and Uses Price PVC Pipe
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13 Jan 2021
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Pvc Pipe

Specification of Advantages and Uses Price PVC Pipe

What is a PVC pipe? 

PVC pipes are made of polyvinyl chloride which is generally used as a water channel in a housing project or building or road etc.. The PVC pipes are hard, lightweight, and strong. Since the installation was easy, it would be ideal if it is used for the channel under the kitchen sink, bathroom, etc.. Even the use of PVC pipe may work better than using iron pipes that need to be soldered, also resistant to almost all alkaline or toxic substances as well as easy to install.  Type pvc pipe pvc pipe Rucika there, VINILON, Aqualon, lasting, wavin pvc pipe and all it possessed sizes and prices vary depending on the purchase done in a distributor or agent.


PVC has many advantages, namely: 

▪ The install is easy. 

▪ Resistant to chemicals 

▪ Very strong 

▪ It has a corrosion resistance. 

▪ low thermal conductivity 

▪ Low cost of installation 

▪ Virtually maintenance free (virtually free maintenance) 


Cutting and connection tools (Cutting and Fitting) 

PVC can be cut easily. You can cut with a hacksaw, but the use of abrasive disk is highly recommended to get a good piece and straight. And remember, a series of straight pipe pieces can cause the circuit not easily dislodged. 

Try to measure twice and cut once. After cutting, clean the tip of the pipe all the shavings from both inside and outside. After the pipe is cut to the right size, put together with alat2 joints in the floor surface to determine if the length is correct. If the length is correct, ready to continue the installation. 

Cleaners and PVC cement 

PVC pipe to connect to each other required a special cement what we call PVC glue. First, the pipe should be cleaned up completely clean, then rubbing the inside of the tool joints with cement, immediately insert the PVC pipe, quarter pipe and turn the circle to ensure that the cement has actually covered the pipe. Make sure that it is installed correctly Joinnya. 

Once the pipe is placed in a designated place and make sure you have the right length pipe, attach a hanger to hold the pipe. This reduces the load on joints that may cause leakage. Follow standardization of distance measurement hanger to hanger, make sure to be in the expansion and contraction and also be sure to protect the pipes from nails, screws or abrasive materials. 



Is PVC pipe can be recycled? 

Ya. PVC pipes can be crushed and returned through the extruder process for producing a new pipe. But do not worry because PVC pipe is strong and durable which causes rarely recycled. 
Are PVC is resistant to UV rays? 

One of the inherent content is stabilizers in PVC pipe which serves to protect against UV rays that exist in sunlight. Maybe some discoloration may occur, is due to the impact resistance of the nature of the content. The fix is ​​try to paint the pipes with latex paint that does not contain oil, this problem can be resolved. 
Is fireproof PVC pipe? 

Such as plastic, PVC pipe will melt if exposed to high temperatures. However, the process stops immediately when the source of the fire is not there. Studies show that less than 1% if the PVC pipe is the cause of the fire of all the ingredients in a flammable building. PVC pipes are easy to install. Light weight will allow plumbers to handle. When did the replacement of the plumbing in a building, try to use PVC pipe.

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