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Know the type of PVC PE Pipes HDPE Pipes
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18 Jan 2021
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Pipe article

Specification of Know the type of PVC PE Pipes HDPE Pipes

Pipe is one of the important components in the construction process. Commonly used in homes, pipes for water and sewage. There is the importance of recognizing the various types of pipes available in the market before we use it. 

type of pipe 
Plastic pipe in Indonesia existed since the early 1960s. Plastic pipe made ​​from crude oil (crude oil), through a process be derived plastic pipes commonly used, the type of PVC and PE. PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) is white / gray. While PE (polyethylene) is black and yellow. The second difference lies in the type of pipe flexibility. PE can be rolled, while PVC is not. In the production process, PVC additives should be added so that good quality. "The quality of PVC pipe is determined by the manufacturer. It could be a lot of chalk so it looks shiny and nice, but not necessarily the quality, "said Adam Fachmi, Sales Manager VINILON. "If the PE does not need to be added, specified quality raw materials," added Fachmi. To use, both are the same. 


PE, pipe alternative future 
VINILON PE pipe is made from HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) pure high quality that meets the standards of ISO / ASTM. PE pipe has many advantages, including high flexibility (elongation greater than 400%), resistant to soil movement, the use of fittings (connection) is relatively small, low leakage rate, low maintenance costs, not to be painted as a rust protective, lightweight, no changes in water quality, anti-corrosive (resistant to abrasion and chemicals), impact resistant and age of the pipe can reach 50 years. In terms of price, is cheaper than PVC PE by a margin of 30-40% for the same size and pressure. However, PE does not have the potential to contaminate water and moss growing media, thus suitable for direct drinking water pipe. PE is also suitable for use in locations of high soil movement due to reaction of PE follows the movement or bending. PE pipe has been used in residential Kapok beautiful beach. To note, VINILON PE pipe is heat-resistant PE first in Southeast Asia. 


The use of pipes in the house and is widely 
In house building, water pipes used only for clean and dirty water. The size is 1.5 inches (pressure 10 bar) to 4 inches (5 bar pressure). "Pipes are available in a range of different sizes. Which is used for building houses only a certain size, the rest are widely used for infrastructure, telecommunications, mining and taps, "said Fachmi. As a water pipe, PE pipe has a maximum strength and produce optimum flow, the ideal choice to meet the needs of large water distribution and drainage needs. Ease of installation combined with the lightness of the product, ensuring efficiency in handling and installation in the field compared to metal and concrete products. Efficient in the use of less labor, less heavy equipment and safety is guaranteed. As gas pipes, PE pipes have been used to distribute natural gas well to homes and industry. VINILON produce PE gas pipes made ​​from high quality MDPE, has been widely used and recognized by most gas companies including PT. PGN. 


System connections, fittings and accessories 
There are two types of PVC pipe fittings, solvent cement joint and rubber ring joint. For PE pipe, the type of connection in the form of joint fusion (electrofusion, buttfusion, socketfusion and sadlefusion) and mechanical joint. Type of glue on the market there are two types, the glue that serves to glue (just glue / paste, made ​​from the basic chemicals glue) and glue that serves to unify (unify both surfaces to be joined, made ​​from pipe material that is dissolved). As a connector, there are many types of fittings. Among them, repair socket, clamp sadle, rubber bends and more. As a complement, the accessories needed to organize and direct, including ball valves, plug valves, tusen klap, water meters and various other sanitary.

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