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Know PPR Pipe Function and price
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15 Jan 2021
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Ppr Pipe

Specification of Know PPR Pipe Function and price

PPR pipe Besides easy in terms of the application as it is supported by a variety of fittings, PPR Pipe Wavin Tigris branching can also be installed as needed. Interestingly, without damaging the channel, this can be done in a simple way if we know how. 

As with other types of pipe, in use, Wavin Tigris Green can be connected in such a way with the help of accessories. Various kinds of fittings can be used to deflect the channel in line with expectations. But the question is, once installed, whether the pipe can still be made in accordance with the requirements of branching? 

In addition to using the dial system accessories, there are a few more commonly used ways to connect this type of pipe. Among the heating system using electricity and heat fusion machine (heating). This method is also used to connect, also can be used to create branching. 

Such as HDPE pipes, types of pipes Polypropylene Random (PPR) also can be joined by heat fusion system. The dial system basically works by using a specific tool, the heating function (after melting), jujung pipe connected to one another. This method has a good compound, so the connection is not infrequently has the quality is not much different with the pipe character. 

To start doing branching, at least you need some equipment. Among the hand Drill, Drill for weld-in Saddle, Polyfusion welding machine, matrice for weld-in saddle, cloth and Key L (adjust the matrice). 

One way is to perforate the pipe in accordance with the desired branching. Cut neatly using a special drill bit with a diameter that fits (As per required diameter). Once the hole diameter is enough, trim this part by hand, then finish off with a rag to make sure there are no crumbs left behind. 

Once they have the right diameter, the heating process can be done. You do this by using a weld-in saddle fitting. As technical performed on the type of pipe pe-100, this device has a heating system on both sides, so in addition to have a melting end, both have the same precision when installed. 

Once they have done, and the tip melted, immediately plug in accordance with bebutuhan branching. Do it by hand, and press slightly for maximum results. The importance of the branching of the middle part of the pipe PPRyang ready for use.

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