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HDPE Pipe Welding Machine
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14 Jan 2021
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Specification of HDPE Pipe Welding Machine

Welding Pipe Hdpe SHDS 160 Manual for sale at a bargain price Price Still, sell welding machines Model SHD450 HDPE HDPE Pipe Machinery Distributor Connector

For the price of HDPE welding machines, In addition to using the connecting accessories, some types of pipes can be joined by welding system, or connecting using a heating system. This makes the splicing activity requires a device, or connecting machine commonly called the welding machine.

Some types of grafting machine is now being offered with several variants. One of them connecting the engine manual. As the name suggests, this tool works with a push system that is directly carried by the user (manpower). There are two types of manual machines that offer them the type SHDS200 and SHDS160. Although it has a way of working together, both have different characteristics from one another. And this time we will discuss the types of machines SHDS160.

SHDS160 connecting machine is the type of tool that can be used to connect pipes of small size, between 1 ½ "(50mm) to 8" (200mm). Where in these tools is a rotary tool that functions push the pipe back and forth.

This tool is very important presence in connective manual machines. Because in a few seconds after being heated, the lever must be rotated to push (Uniting pipes and connections or pipe), before finally cooled. As is done by human power, the engine in later referred to as a manual machine.

Hardware connecting this machine uses electrical energy, to include two side panel heating. This tool is used to melt the ends of the pipe with a connection (fitting) or fellow pipe. By using the heater temperature to 270 ° C, it can melt the HDPE pipe end in just a few minutes.

Once is enough, a heater may be revoked, and as soon as possible pipe connected to one another. Average cutting process, heating the true and perfect stitching will make the process of switching goes liking. It is characterized by perfect compounds that make the connection character as strong as the pipe character as a whole.

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