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List Price Latest HDPE Pipe and sales service centers hdpe pipe distributor. search hdpe pipe and fitting hdpe for pipe connections, please buy from importers hdpe pipe in Jakarta, which has been managed by Mitra Usaha Mandiri. we've cooperated with agents - agents hdpe pipe in Indonesia. With the production pipeline, Mitra Usaha Mandiri distributor hdpe pipes and fittings to meet the needs of construction bangunanan in Indonesia.

Pipe HDPE or high density polyethylene plastic pipe is pressurized which start is widely used for water pipes and gas pipes households. The material is basically petroleum polymer, namely, polyethylene (PE).

Indonesia currently has 7 factories which produce HDPE pipes and already with SNI, Unilon, Vinilon, Pralon, Maspion, Wavin, We and Tyco.Huge demand from different sectors remains yet to be fulfilled. There is still much needed new HDPE pipe factory.

Pipes made of POLYETHYLENE materials (material) could hit production costs and HDPE pipe is very effective used as piping solutions to problems in the city, industrial, maritime, mining, Landfills, irrigation and agriculture.
The use of HDPE pipe has been tested and proven effective for placed above ground, buried, mounted on a building or used at sea. Pipe HDPE (high density polyethylene) can drain off water, sludge, liquid chemicals, hazardous waste and low pressure gas.
In fact, polypipe has HDPE has long been used in the mining industry, gas and other industries.Polypipe very low maintenance costs compared to the use of pressurised pipes more, especially for the distribution of gas diperumahan.
Polyethylene is very strong, durable and well used for liquid chemicals mapun other purposes. HDPE PIPES WILL ANSWER ALL YOUR PIPING NEEDS


Low maintenance costs, because:

  • Anti rust. No rust, rot or corrosion.
  • Anti rembes. HDPE pipe connection is using a pressurized so that warming connection stronger results compared with the service-pipe alone.
  • The smooth surface allows the water flow optimized. Turbulansi does not occur due to the resilience and robustness of the organism in the development pipeline.
  • Pipe HDPE has excellent characteristics in the face of turning water (water hammer).
  • HDPE pipe reduces the likelihood of rupture due to the occurrence of freezing the water inside.
  • The treatment is very low, thus going on to tremendous savings in repair costs.
  • Without the need to filter out or in to ready to drink water (potable water) until the preserved its purity water.


Low installation cost, because:

  • HDPE pipes are the materials of choice for trenchless technology (non dugouts). HDPE pipes could penetrate the ground, crossing the river even inserted in the installation.
  • Pipe HDPE did not require fitting because much of its flexibility allows pick 20-25 times the diameter of the pipe.
  • The equipment used in the installation setup is only slightly compared to that of the iron pipe.
  • -Use of the thrust block (cement amplifier connection) only slightly because the overlapped seam is absolutely perfect
  • For savings in manpower and equipment, it is possible to use HDPE pipe 6 m, 12 m and even the roll-200 m

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