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sell fiber optic cable (fiber optic) and provides services to install fiber optic cable installation & (fiber optic) best cheapest in Indonesia &

Fiber optic is a transmission line or similar cables made of glass or plastic that is very smooth and is smaller than a single hair, and can be used to transmit light signals from one place to another. The source of light used is usually from laser or LED.

This cable berdiameter approximately 120 micrometers. The light that is in the optical fiber does not come out because the refractive index of glass larger than the refractive index of the air, because the laser has a very narrow spectrum. The speed of transmission of optical fiberis very high so it is great to use as a communication channel.


The development of optical fiber technology nowadays, it has been able to produce attenuation (attenuation) less than 20 decibels (dB)/km. with a width of lines (bandwidth) is great, it is capable of transmitting data become more and faster compared with the use of conventional wires. Thus the fiber optic sangat suitable is used primarily in the application of telecommunications systems.


About 20 years ago, fiber optic cables have been assumes the exact over and changing the face of long-distance phone industry technology and industrial automation with the remote control. Optical fiber also gives a major role to make the Internetcan be used around the world. In 1997 the fiber-optic link around the globe, the Fiber-Optic Link Around the Globe (FLAG) being the longest cable networks around the world that provide the infrastructure for the latest generation of the internet.



Advantages Of Fiber Optic

  1. Very large bandwidth transmission speeds reach gigabit-per-second and delivers information over long distances without repetition
  2. The installation cost of da

n low operation as well as a higher level of security

  • The small size and light weight, so that the efficient use of space
  • Immune to electromagnetic interference and radio wave interference
  • There is no electricity and sparks
  • No Rusty


Lack Of Fiber Optic

  1. Some of the factors limiting the effectiveness of the wires FO. In addition to an expensive installation, this system may signal less k

UAT, this is because the physical or material factors.

  • Dispersion can adversely affect the volume of information that can be accommodated.
  • Unlike the case with wire or plastic, fiber is also more difficult for spliced.
  • The connection end of the fiber cable should be completely accurate to avoid transmission is unclear.
  • FO components is expensive and requires extra fees in more specific deployment.


How Kerja Fiber optic


In principle the fiber optic membiaskan and a number of light-reflecting that propagate in it. The efficiency of optical fiber is determined by the constituent material of the purity of glass/glass. The more pure the material glass, the less light that is absorbed by the fiber optics.

To send a phone conversation or the internet via fiber optics, analog signal in the Fox into digital signals. A laser transmitter on one of uJung do on/off cable for sending every bit signal. System of optical fiberwith a single laser could be transmitting millions of bits/second. Or one might say the laser transmitter on and off millions of times/second.


A fiber-optics cable made of fibre glass, so despite the long road for meter, light can still be transmitted from the other end to the other.

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