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 ​​Pvc Pipe Rucika
 ​​Pvc Pipe Rucika
 ​​Pvc Pipe Rucika
 ​​Pvc Pipe Rucika
 ​​Pvc Pipe Rucika
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26 Oct 2020
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Our distributor wavin pvc pipe and pvc pipe fittings provided. Wavin PVC pipe is an innovation with a unique material characteristics making it able to withstand wastewater heat and muffle the sound (low noise).Wavin PVC pipe was developed from special materials, namely Astolan. Astolan is a special formula of Mineral Reinforced with polypropylene material that has been patented.
Pipe and connection systems designed with fittingnya Rubber Joint Rig (RRJ) so as to facilitate the process of connecting. Wavin PVC pipe has a full size so give leeway in designing an integrated exhaust system.Wavin PVC pipe offers an optimum solution to the age long usage compared to cast iron
We sell this Wavin PVC pipes of various sizes with prices that can be reliable.

Advantages And Benefits:

  • International Quality
    Under The Supervision/Licence Wavin, BV. Holland
  • Strong And Not Easily Broken
    Contains The Resin And Additive Upvc
  • Using Special Additives
    Can Reduce The Influence Of The UV (Ultra Violet) Against The Pipe In A Long Period Of Time.
  • Resistant To Chemicals, Extreme
  • Can Be Used For Various Kinds Of Clean Water Systems And Wastewater
  • Made Of Upvc Which Is Thermoplastic That Can Be Recycled
  • Have A Wide Range Of Fitting/Connection
    Ensure The Installation Is Installed In One System
  • Durable
    Not Be Rusty And Maintenance-Free
  • Including A Good Insulator And Can Not Cause Fire
    Can Be Used To Sheath Power Cable

WAVIN STANDARD Manufactured For A Variety Of Needs Such As:

  • Clean Waterways
  • The Sewer
  • Sewage
  • Irrigation Channels
  • The Ventilation Pipe

WAVIN STANDARD can be classified into 2 groups:

  1. Class AW, For High-pressure Water To working pressure 10 kg/Cm2 with 14 Different Size Diameters From 1/2 Inch to 12 Inch.
  2. Class D, For Sewerage and waste with 11 kinds of Diameter Of 1 1/4 Inch to 12 Inch.

Untuk keterangan lebih lanjut, silahkan download PDF ini :



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