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25 Jan 2021
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Specification of Shop tools Spare parts AC Cooling Pipe Fittings

If you need air conditioning or s component Spare parts refrigeration tools ac pipe / copper pipe. We provide and sell all the needs Spare parts for you who live in the area or areas of the city of Indonesia. Spare parts center needs cooling / air conditioning and other refrigeration machine. The latest, most complete and reliable.

Welcome to store tools Cooling us. Official Site AC Spare parts sales and other refrigeration machine complete and reliable. We sell all your cooling needs Spare parts, for air-conditioning units Splite / home, auto air conditioning, refrigeration or other. We serve the refrigeration tools. Indonesian dipenjuru wherever you are. And if in a place you can not get or difficulty finding spare parts or the coolant (Freon / Refrigerant) is for your business or private purposes or for spare parts supplier in your shop or garage of your air conditioner. We are ready to serve and deliver and send spare parts orders or purchases you get to the objective.
All the spare parts we sell are original and new.

We offer easy and convenient solutions in the purchase and ordering custom products refrigeration air conditioning complete spare parts to you. With a practical and convenient way too reliable. We already serve many customers spread across several cities in Indonesia. In fact, we have opened branches in several cities in Indonesia. Evidence of our services to make it easier to get the cooling Spare parts to repair the unit AC (Air Conditioner), Fridge, Freezer, Dispenser, car air conditioner, washing machine, Show Case, and other Refrigeration machines. For this type of package delivery Spare parts, if only require spare parts which if mild, can use this type of delivery via airplane. or confirm to us if you already have a subscription Expedition services. If the package is estimated weight of spare part can use this type of expedition via land or sea.

We serve the retail or small parties to large parties. Please select the menu above for all types of spare parts that we sell. If you do not find in our menu what you need to confirm to us. And for most of us the price of spare parts to choose from the menu on the right.
To get the latest price information of spare parts we sell, you can contact us via SMS, PHONE, send it through our EMAIL address (SMA), or via the comments box below.

Online store selling a unit of equipment air conditioning, car air conditioning, refrigerator, Frezer, washing machines, etc., serve booking sales s component cooling and air conditioning freon, Air Conditioning, Fridge, Freezer, Washing Machine you. If you have difficulty in procuring equipment air conditioning, car air conditioning, Refrigerator, Washing Machine,


Mitra Usaha Mandiri only sells brand products Kembla copper pipe, Trust, Artic, Denji, Elgin
Pipe Fittings, Pipe Fittings, Tube Cooper, Cooper Pipe, Pipe Fittings Cooper Roll Tubes, Copper Tubes Rods Rods Bars, Roll Coil, Cooper Pas,
1. Manufactured to ASTM B 280: Ac Cooling Air Cooling,
2. Manufactured to ASTM B 88 (Type L, Type M, Type K): Water Pipe Tube Air.
3. Manufactured to ASTM B 306: Drainage Tube / Disposal Or.,
3. Manufactured to ASTM B 819: Gas, Medical Gas,
Tembaga.Accesories Pipe Fitting,
Brand: Elgin, Denji Kembla, NIBCO, Believe

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